Who’s a Troll?

R.U. a TROLL? repost

(with author’s permission, from: darlingyouaredoingitwrong.blogspot) I reposted this here so you can know if you are in the right herd, or if you belong in a doggy show.

What is a weed?
“Any plant growing where you don’t want it, a carrot plant in a wheat field is a weed, a wheat plant in a carrot field is a weed.” – quote from one of my teachers.

What is a troll?”
A person in the wrong group, a show dog breeder on a working dog site is a troll, a working dog breeder on a dog show site is a troll.

Dog breeders are trolls on animal rights sites; animal rights people are trolls on animal breeding sites.

A troll is a person, who instead of looking for a group of people like himself, looks for groups of people who do NOT share his views in order to gain information about them, convert them, annoy them, or harm them in some way.” – quote from me.

If you breed show dogs – go find a show dog site.

If you mass produce a large number of puppies – go find a high volume breeder site.

If you fight dogs, promote breeding fighting breeds, or the keeping of UNFIXED fighting dogs as pets – go find a fighting dog aficionado site.

If you BREED dogs for formal competitive sports – go find a competitive dog sport site.

If you are into breeding or surgically making weird looking dogs – like breeding dogs to have flat faces, twisted tails, or slobbery lips, or if you are into chopping off dog’s ears or tails – then just keep surfing the web until you find your niche, because this is NOT it.

This site IS for people in these groups:

1. People who like dogs bred any USEFUL task.

2. People who believe that: Breeders who sell puppies as pets, should have as their breeding goal, the desire to produce good pets. (What? Yes. Show doggie sacrilege!)

3. People who honestly re-home dogs.

4. People who are into HELPING people learn to improve, to keep up on the latest news about dogs, to understand genetics on the macro level, and to help truthfully educate the public & government.

Including re-educating the person who breeds:
dogs with harmful mutations,
dogs for competitions,
dogs for dog-shows,
dogs incestuously.

Or HELPING to re-educate
the person with too many pets,
the person who needs to learn how to handle their pet better.

If you just want to blast deluded or ignorant people – go look for a haters site.
This site is to gently help people understand, not to go to THEIR sites and blast them with harsh words.

Of course, if someone gets up Sunday morning and instead of going to their own church, they wander into a church of a different religion, then they have no right to complain that the pastor isn’t preaching what they believe in.

We also want to educate those who aren’t doing anything wrong, they treat their pets well, but they have listened to the pied pipers of propaganda.