I’m NOT a company; I’m just a person writing a blog. I will makes some mistakes, don’t try to correct my typos or wrong words, look for the bigger concept. Some days it might take me awhile to read your comment. If you want your comment to appear on the blog, try to stay in the guidelines below:

1. BE NICE! Most of the time, if someone is kicking up dust in the herd, I will deal with the bronco myself. If I approve jerk comments, it is probably for their entertainment value. Hopefully in the morning, when they are sober, they will see what a clown they were – but some people are always bucking and bolting, nothing much can help them.

2. However, if some cruel or ignorant person is commenting FOR harming dogs, you don’t have to muzzle your own growls, but try not to flame.

It is cruel to breed qualzucht, it is wrong to breed dogs FOR suffering, all puppies should have been bred so that they can run, breathe, play, and use their senses.

But there are people who live in subcultures of dog breeding, where they breed dogs into unhappy shapes. This has become so common, in some dog show cultures, that the performance events are no longer the main show, the dogs bred for what once would have been rare sideshow exhibitions, are now being bred in huge numbers.

The quality of life for these dogs is lowered, especially when owners and breeders fail to pay for the medical work these dogs are bred to need. WARNING!,  IF YOU ARE A QUALZUCHT (torture) BREEDER,  this blog doesn’t want you here, go back to your blog about your suffering toad-dog that won some trivial prize.

3. Try to stay on topic. Look at the title of each post, that is a key to what the topic is about. Read the post, comment on what is in the post, or comment to add more information about the SAME topic, each post is about a different part of dog breeding reform.

If you want to comment about something off-topic, find an older post which is about your idea, and comment there. It is okay to comment on past posts here. Or wait until I do a post on what you want to comment about – this isn’t a broad field, there are only so many different possible topics.

4. Dogs are not people. People are not dogs, my relatives aren’t dogs and neither are yours or anyone else’s. We are discussing dogs.

5. Don’t try to slip in a comment about your fav rave into a discussion on breeding healthier dogs, who are useful in modern society. This isn’t a gossip site about your family, work, TV favs, religious or political ideas. Please know what the topic is before you comment on it.

6. I write long posts. Your comments should be shorter (unless I really agree with you?). I reserve the right to be whimsical and arbitrary on my own blog, where else can I let my hair down? Don’t let that lead you astray, I might not approve of someone else’s dog’s hair on my furniture.